How To Monetize Your Channel On YouTube

This will take some effort, but if you regularly produce excellent material, it will come, and you will begin to reap the benefits of your efforts. There are a plethora of ways to make a consistent income from YouTube, thanks to the many monetization options available.

In this article, I have collected plenty of information for you at one place to guide you through your Youtube journey. There is no secret that if you want to make money from your channel, you need to prepare and work hard to achieve this goal. And your primary goal is to create excellent content that will help you get more views and subscribers.

Though you do not have the same level of popularity as “Baby Shark Dance” (7 billion views and counting), there are still plenty of opportunities to profit from your YouTube videos. Now that you’ve invested time and resources into creating high-quality content, it’s time to reap the rewards.

Subscribers are the real reason for your channel’s success, who regularly watch your videos and give you views. More views mean your monetization chances are going higher.

How to Make Money from Youtube Channel By Monetization

There are many ways to help you make money from youtube. Monetization through Youtube is the most basic, easy, and fair entry point. There are several ways that you should consider to gain more followers and increase watch time. A loyal and engaged audience is an essential thing for the better future of your channel. The secret behind your youtube channel’s success is attracting subscribers and getting views, and creating entertaining and engaging content that provides real value to your viewers.

Here are some key points that will guide you about how Youtube Monetisation works and how much money you can make from your Youtube channel.

  1. Youtube Partners Program

Below are the four golden rules to be counted as eligible for monetization

  • At least 1,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel
  • Your videos on Youtube with 4,000 Watch Time hours over the last 12 months
  • Your videos comply with YouTube’s policies and guidelines.
  • AdSense account

In the Creator’s journey, being accepted in YPP or Youtube Partner Program is a huge milestone.

Creators can have significant benefits as a part of the YPP program from monetizing content, chat support, and protecting their content by getting access to the Copyright Match Tool.

The core point of fulfilling YPP’s eligibility requirements is to follow Monetisation policies, including Youtubes Community Guidelines and Google Adsense program policies. Policies and terms of services apply to your Youtube Channel as a whole, not each video individually.

The primary essential requirement is reaching the milestone of 1000 subscribers. It doesn’t matter how long it will take, but you have fulfilled your Youtube channel’s monetization requirement once you achieve this goal.

The second most important thing is you need to have 4000 hours of watch time over the last 12 months. Also, don’t forget the most critical point here, watch time is not just about how much video content you are posting; this is all about the time people watch your videos worldwide. According to the Youtube Partners Program requirements, it should be the last 12 months of watch time, not your channel’s lifetime.


An excellent way to make money on youtube is by Sponsorships. The first thing you need to do is to build an audience. If you have a respectable and loyal audience, you will have more endless opportunities. You may approach some popular brands for promotions of their products. You have to create sponsored content that is within your niche for your target audience.

Sponsored content videos are different from ads, where you sell and recommend brands to give them exposure that will help your sponsors getting more sales.


Selling merchandise is another significant way to monetize your channel. You may have seen many Youtubers introducing their merchandise in their videos; most of them sell t-shirts and designed winter wears. A t-shirt with a personalized logo is the right choice, and it will also help you make your brand.

Any product can be used as merch to sell on the Youtube channel to make more money.

Affiliate Commissions

Affiliate marketing is like your best friend and the most straightforward way to your youtube channel’s monetization. Youtube is the most suitable platform where you can potentially earn through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing means when you become an affiliate to a company as a content creator and promote the product or services.

You have to talk about the specific product in your videos and use affiliated links to direct people to the product site. In the end, you will get a percentage of the referral fee if people buy that specific product you were promoting in your video.

The most significant thing in this process is the affiliate link, which helps the seller connect with the buyer.

How to Qualify for Monetization

To qualify for monetization, 4000 hours of watch and 1000 subscribers are mandatory. The significance behind the “Watch time” is the time users spend on Youtube and watching videos on your channel. Watch time has become more valuable to creators, as Youtube wants to keep the viewers stay as long as possible.

If you have implemented an effective strategy, it will not take a long time to hit your watch time milestone, which is pretty manageable with SEO strategy.

However, never try to trick the system. If you ever try to play the exchange game by watching other creator’s videos (view4view) and subscribing to other channels, Youtube can easily figure out, and they will not only deny your application but also disable your monetization.

Prepare your channel for monetization.

You have to do a few important things before hitting the “Enable” button to monetize your channel. Prepare in advance, and utilize this chance to ensure that your channel will get approved for monetization.

One of the main reasons for the rejection and demonetization of your channel is duplication. The copyright rules of Youtube are stringent. Make sure that you make original content and free of copyright claims.

This is just the beginning. I will keep writing about YouTube Monetization to guide new video makers and vloggers.



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